Leader Resources

Formation Guides available during the Christmas Season

Our Advent 2020 resource is several things. It is a curated Advent Calendar, a collection of new and existing resources from the Episcopal Church and beyond. Each week will reveal a new theme and accompanying interactive illustration. Each week, you may find music – prayers – reflections – a daily action – an activity. For those who have a hard time choosing “just one devotional,” this Advent calendar will give you a taste of different offerings. We hope it will spark curiosity and that those who participate will be introduced to something new this season.

It is also a ministry tool for formation leaders. We will share a collection of documents and articles that explore how to curate and create something like this for your own congregation. Our hope is to offer both the calendar as well as our planning document to formation leaders in the hopes of inspiring and equipping them in their ministry. Drawing from the expertise of the Vibrant Faith network, this Advent calendar is a (rather nontraditional) “formation playlist.” We share our methods, directions, and decisions with you to use when taking on a project like this in your own context.